Now, more than ever, our community, childcare providers and funders have stepped up and responded to the pandemic in remarkable ways. You have protected and served our most vulnerable population, our children. We want to honor you and your dedication to giving every child the foundation to thrive not only through this global pandemic but through your tireless work to advance early childhood education in the region virtually on November 12 at 7:00 p.m. 

This year we will be presenting awards to a community partner, client and funder who embody one or more of our organization’s Core Values and are working to advance our mission of ensuring all children have equitable educational and developmental opportunities. Nominate someone today! We will be accepting nominations of individuals, groups, institutions and collaborations. Nomination closes September 1, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.

United 4 Children’s Core Values:

Community: They put the needs and desires of children, families and caregivers at the center of their work. They believe that every child needs and deserves a village of committed, attentive and loving adults.

Trust: They strive to readily meet community needs. They build relationships through aligning shared values, creating equitable partnerships and following through on their commitments.

Equity: They seek to understand the disparities facing children, families and childcare providers. They ensure everyone has access to the resources needed to thrive. They strive for a future where childhood outcomes can’t be predicted by race or zip code.

Empathy: They strive to understand the unique experiences of every person they encounter. They respect each person’s journey and seek to support everyone’s specific needs.

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