Coaching for Child Care and Youth Program Educators

We Support Early Childcare and Youth Programs Serving Children Up to Age 13

Positive experiences with parents and caregivers give children a sense of security and contentment, facilitate positive social interactions, and enable the steady development of critical competencies and skills for life. Our United 4 Children services are committed to partnering to provide this sense of security and contentment. One way we do this is through coaching services for early educators.

Coaching for Child Care and Youth Program Educators

We provide individualized support for the completion of Quality Action Plan goals based on the Program Administration Scale, Business Administration Scale, Conscious Discipline rubrics, Environmental Rating Scales, and/or our coach’s observation of classroom activities. 

Together, we will create a Quality Action Plan that will outline the goals we will partner to achieve for your program or classroom. 

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  • To increase language in the classroom environment.

Jessie B’s Academy Partners with United 4 Children for Success

For Jessica Black Gant, director and owner of Jessie B’s Academy, knowing the long-term impact of her role in each child’s life brings her joy. 

“To see what I teach them and for them to implement it makes my heart smile. I’m raising the next doctors and lawyers of St. Louis,” Jessica said. “The first five years of a child’s life is most critical. We have to have teachers and people who want to give back to the kids and give back to the next generation.” 

Jessie B’s received accreditation for her program in 2023. Accreditation is not required for child care programs to legally operate, however, some programs make accreditation part of their goals because it signals to families that a program goes above and beyond to provide high-quality care.  

Our team worked closely with Jessica and her team while they were preparing their program for the accreditation process. Accreditation was just one of Jessie B’s Academy’s goals. United 4 Children has partnered with Jessie B’s for a few years to provide additional resources and wrap-around support. 

“They (United 4 Children) gave us coaching along the way, supplies to help us grow, and they were always a phone call away if we felt like we needed help with something,” Jessica said. 

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