We provide comprehensive services to childcare and after school programs that address the many needs of the whole-child. We meet caregivers where they are and guide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure that children feel safe, engaged, supported and challenged by qualified and caring adults. When caregivers feel confident and competent, our children are given the best care possible and every opportunity to succeed. We strive to meet community needs where other resources don’t exist and build relationships through aligning shared values, creating equitable partnerships, and meeting our commitments.


United 4 Children empowers caregivers to nurture whole-child development through early childhood and afterschool programs


Every child has the foundation to thrive

Our Core Values


We put the needs and desires of children, families and caregivers at the center of our work. We partner with schools and fellow nonprofit organizations to create excellent educational and developmental opportunities for every child in the region. We believe that every child needs and deserves a village of committed, attentive and loving adults.


For the last 50 years, we have been honest and earnest in all our interactions. We strive to readily meet community needs particularly where other resources don’t exist. We build relationships through aligning shared values, creating equitable partnerships and following through on our commitments.


We seek to understand the disparities facing children, families and childcare providers. We ensure everyone has access to the resources needed to thrive. We strive for a future where childhood outcomes can’t be predicted by race or zip code.


We strive to understand the unique experiences of every person we encounter. We respect each person’s journey and seek to support everyone’s specific needs.

U4C's Main Line: 

(314) 531-1412

Inclusion Services: 

(800) 467-2322

Missouri's Early Care and Resource and Referral Line:

(866) 583-2392

U4C's Fax: (314) 531-4184