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United 4 Children makes children a priority. By providing children with healthy meals, creating safe places to learn and play, and providing social-emotional and inclusive services for children with special needs or challenging behaviors – United 4 Children ensures every child has the foundation to thrive.

United 4 Children provides high-quality support to childcare and afterschool programs so that families can feel at ease knowing their children, regardless of ability, are receiving the best care possible and have every opportunity to succeed.


Use your loose change to change a child’s life. Change 4 Children is an opportunity to donate a specific amount each month. Your monthly donation to United 4 Children helps bring equity to early childhood education and provide every child with the foundation to thrive. Additionally, you’ll receive a thank you gift upon joining!

Here’s a glimpse at the impact your monthly donation will make:

  • A $10 monthly donation will provide a childcare center with a book that helps children understand and communicate their emotions.
  • A $25 monthly donation will provide a childcare center with a sensory item to help children with special needs meet development milestones.
  • A $50 monthly donation will allow United 4 Children to purchase technology to help observe childcare classrooms virtually. These observations are crucial to United 4 Children staff understanding how they can best support childcare providers and the children they serve.
  • A $100 monthly donation will allow United 4 Children to support a childcare provider in purchasing study materials for the Child Development Associate program.


The State of Missouri has the highest level of school suspensions in the nation, with St. Louis being the highest concentration in the state. In fact, in St. Louis, children score 61% higher in social-emotional delays than the national average. There are many areas throughout Missouri who are underserved, have minimal resources, and have an overall lack of support for teachers and childcare programs. Many of these counties include children and families who are at-risk, who have experienced child abuse and neglect and have limited resources to support these families and childcare programs.

The SEEC Project is a multi-tiered research-based approach that teaches social-emotional skills in which all children benefit from provided preventative strategies for children who are at-risk for social-emotional delays and help determine interventions for children exhibiting challenging behaviors.

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Upcoming Events + Educator Trainings

United 4 Children hosts events throughout the year, including quarterly Lunch & Learns that dive deeper into how United 4 Children addresses inequity in early childhood education. United 4 Children also holds free, clock-hour approved trainings for childhood educators.


The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and its Office of Early Learning named United 4 Children as the community leader for a new St. Louis Regional Hub – a coordinated support system that will guarantee families have the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions that impact the safety, health, and education of their children.


“Offering an afterschool program which gives the students various learning opportunities that expand their knowledge base in the fast-paced 21st-century world is an asset to our school.”

-Yvonne Boyd

“Working with the Social Emotional Early Childhood (SEEC) instructors has truly impacted how we structure our day and our interactions with the children. In the past, we have tried to make sure that our classroom is child-centered and our children know that their feelings matter.”

-Candis Cannady
Toddler Teacher

“My kids have so much fun with the materials that you brought. My granddaughter loves to tell stories with the felt board and puppets. These items really help to build her imagination.”

Childcare Provider

“I just received an excellent training from Deborah Taylor called ‘Building Strong Children.’ At the core of the training was a teaching of empathy and how difficult some of these children’s lives are. I was raised in a rural area and have not always understood what the children’s lives in an urban area are really like.”

-Spencer Miller
Buder Elementary ASAP Site

“As a lifelong educator, I always knew that I wanted to further my education but at the time, I was a single mom and with a full-time job. This meant I didn’t have much time to squeeze school into my schedule. My Director at the time notified me that they were affiliated within PAQ Normandy footprint (United 4 Children).”

-India Parker-Houston
Early Educator

“Children are our future. The ability to enhance children’s education process in the afterschool programs has been very successful at Froebel. Through the exciting and supportive staff members, my experience has been very enjoyable. I received great professional development from United 4 Children, ASAP and Neighborhood Houses.”

-Arelene Thomas
Froebel Site Manager

I was able to get two new and much needed kitchen sets, light table equipment, outdoor toys, a new sensory table for the toddlers and so many awesome things for our center! We have not been able to purchase a new kitchen set for 20 years!!! THANK YOU for all the support and for all that you do, ESPECIALLY during this pandemic!!! YOU ROCK!!! Many organizations and many people say they will help or want to help, but you all do, not just say!!!

-Lisa Scheer
Director, Baden Christian Child Care Center, Inc.

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