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Percent reported increase in their knowledge who attended education classes in 2023

Phone calls received requesting resources and referrals in 2023

Children assisted with Inclusion services throughout the state in 2023

Meals served by educators and U4C support in 2023

Our vision is to ensure every child has the foundation to thrive.

We believe that all children deserve a strong foundation to thrive regardless of race, zip code, or ability. We meet caregivers where they are, assess, train, coach, and support them with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure that children feel safe, are nourished, and are nurtured with social-emotional and inclusive services.

Support for Early Educators

With our services, child care providers can choose to invest in elevated supports that grow their program to meet the individual needs of the families and children they serve. United 4 Children will partner with child care programs and educators to reinvest in themselves and be empowered to live out their passion for children!

Our United Purpose

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My experience working with United for children has been nothing but great, awesome. I mean, it has been amazing.

We don’t make a whole lot of money in this field, but we love this field. We wouldn’t change it for anything.

We approach our work through empathy because of the inequities and the diverse amount of inequities in our children’s lives. Um, so ensuring that we have, we understand the resources that are available to every child and parent and classroom, uh, of a child is really important. Going to each community and understanding, uh, where we can meet their needs is really important in dismantling inequities for every single child.

United for Children focuses on empowering educators, working directly with center owners, and ultimately trying to provide information that not only our educators and center owners can benefit from, um, but also the parents of the students whose lives we touch.

Quality childcare that we can afford. Like, I can’t even put into words how essential it is to our ability to move through our own lives.

I grew up in a very poor household, an abusive household with ADHD. And I had a, uh, very few, it was few and far between caregivers that were able to understand, uh, my plight. I wanted to help those, because I’ve been without those mentors that did understand, that did have training, that did care, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Our work is really to make sure that children receive the highest and best quality of resources, that their teachers receive high quality and best information. The owners receive what they need. As far as business coaching, we want to make sure that children are able to receive all of those necessities without having to live in a specific area or under a specific zip code, unite.

For children is really working to, uh, ensure that all children throughout the St. Louis area, regardless of what neighborhood they grew up in, regardless of household income or family structure, get the developmental building blocks that they need.

Children need to feel safe, and they need to have a trusted adult or in a safe environment in order to take risks and learning.

I love united for children personally. Um, as a parent, I was a young mom, single for a lot of that, and um definitely from poverty and living in poverty for the majority of my child’s life. In reality, it was the knowledge and the experience of his caregivers and his educators that was going to make the biggest difference.

I am the biggest fan for united for children. Like I said, if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t. I honestly don’t believe I would have been accredited. Um, then the nutrition, they’re awesome.

“Partnering with United 4 Children has helped us use our resources, our conscience discipline, and social-emotional materials the best way we can. We’ve been able to implement new strategies in our classrooms and have seen a huge difference in behavior and overall management of the classroom,” Krista said. “I feel now we can offer more to families.” 

Krista Beaird

Owner and Director, The Spirited Child Early Learning Center

“Building a sense of community within your neighborhood betters the outcome for kindergarten readiness and family involvement! United 4 Children provides resources, financial support, professional development, and community strategies to ensure positive outcomes for all their stakeholders. This is the main reason I work with United 4 Children because they support the entire organization of early childhood education! At Cornerstone Center for Early Learning United 4 Children plays an integral role with our teaching staff, administration staff, parents, children and volunteers!”

Adrian Lee Brown

Cornerstone Center for Early Learning

“Why I dedicate my time working with children is to ensure a brighter future. They are the foundation of education, community, and workforce development. I work with U4C because they are a great partner that has many resources for my children, my staff and myself, even my parents. I have learned a lot from their talented and gifted staff who cares about children and early educators as well.”

Tina Mosley

Our Daycare & Learning Center

If you suspect child abuse, neglect, or exploitation at a child care facility in Missouri, contact the Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline at 1-800-392-3738 or click the link below.

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