Inclusion Services

Support for Including Children with Special Needs

Children with developmental, behavioral or physical challenges and their families are offered security, compassion and understanding. We assist families in locating quality inclusive programs and work with the program staff to assure the best care possible.  

We also know that the American with Disabilities Act (the ADA) requires that child care providers make reasonable accommodations to meet the needs of these children. Our hearts tell us that we want to meet the needs of ALL the children we care for – but it’s not always easy to know HOW to successfully include a child with special needs.

Are you a parent or guardian in search of childcare for a child with special needs or challenging behaviors? 

You will always be the expert about your child and the one best prepared to help childcare providers meet your child’s needs. However, sometimes the process of searching for and beginning care can be overwhelming. United 4 Children Inclusion Specialists can offer the following support to assist you as you work to ensure that your child’s special needs are met.  

  • Give you a list of childcare providers to contact on your own, or, with a release, we can make initial contact to providers for you. When contacting providers, we identify who has vacancies and special needs training or experience. 
  • Provide on-going assistance and counseling to your family regarding appropriate childcare options and resources available. 
  • Provide on-side observation, technical assistance, short-term consultation, and training for the childcare provider caring for your child to ensure your child’s individual needs are met. 

Do you care for a child with special needs or challenging behaviors? 

United 4 Children’s Inclusion Specialists offer the following services to assist you as you work to meet the needs of children with special needs in your centers and homes.

On-site or telephone technical assistance, short term observations, consultation and training specific to the needs of a particular child.
This service is provided free of charge.

Community-based workshops about Inclusion.
Watch for information about dates and times several times each year in email notices, flyers and on the Missouri Training Calendar.

Providers –Click HERE  to view the specialist in your area map

To reach your Inclusion Specialist please call 1-800-467-2322 plus your Inclusion Specialist’s extension below. You can also email 



Eastern Region
Gail Wulff

(314) 531-1412 ext. 117

Amber Simino-Velasquez

(314) 531-1412 ext. 115

Rachel Barber

(314) 531-1412ext. 155

Southeast Region
Christine Pogue

(314) 531-1412 ext. 160

Central/ Northwest Region

Abby Sites

(314) 531-1412 ext. 153

Western Region

Tammy Wilkes

(314) 531-1412 ext. 154

Southwest Region
Samantha Dugger

(314) 531-1412 ext. 132

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