Due to COVID-19, the Department of Social Services has extended your current child care subsidy agreement through July 31, 2020. All terms and conditions in the agreement remain unchanged. You will be receiving a letter and an amendment. The amendment may be kept for your records and does not need to be signed or returned to our office.

The new Child Care Provider Agreement will be re-posted on the Department’s bid proposal website April 15th. A reminder email will be sent for you to submit the new agreement to continue providing Child Care services for the Department. The Child Care Provider Agreement (CM-5 (Rev. will have new date) and Agreement Checklist will be due back to the Child Care Provider’s Unit by 06/15/2020.

Thank you for your assistance.

Due to state office buildings being closed to the public several of the Early Childhood staff are working remotely in order to adhere to social distancing. If you have any questions or need clarification regarding this notice please email:  CD.AskECPS@dss.mo.gov




Dear Child Care Providers,

As Missouri works through the challenges related to COVID-19, it is essential that we support our child care providers. To assist subsidy providers who have seen changes in attendance related to COVID-19, we have decided to ensure subsidy providers are paid no less in the month of March 2020 than the average of their payments for the preceding three months.

Child care providers who remained open during the month of March 2020 should submit attendance through their current payment system for:

  • All absences of children in care during the month of March
  • All attendance for children attending more than as authorized; enter their actual attendance if using CCOIS

Child care providers closed during the month of March 2020 should submit attendance as you normally would for the days in which care was provided. Enter absences for the days closed on behalf of children who were in care during the month.

To support our providers during this emergency, providers will not be required to submit payment resolutions for additional absences, additional units of care, and closures. The Department of Social Services will compare the March 2020 payment to the paid average for the months of December 2019, January 2020, and February 2020 to ensure that no provider is paid less than the average of their payments for these three months. The comparison cannot be completed until the provider has submitted all attendance for the month of March 2020. To expedite potential additional payment, providers should submit all attendance by April 10, 2020.

To be considered for additional funding, provider must attest to the following by signing the attached COVID-19 Child Care Attestation form. The provider will attest that the acceptance of additional funds is contingent upon:

  • The provider continuing to pay wages to child care staff while facility is closed;
  • The provider continuing to provide care following the State of Emergency declared by Missouri Executive Order 20-02; and
  • The provider submitting all attendance for the March 2020 service month.

Providers should submit the signed attestation form to the Child Care Provider Payment Unit by emailing CD.AskECPS@dss.mo.gov . The attestation form should not be submitted until all attendance has been submitted for March 2020.

This information is also posted at https://dss.mo.gov/covid-19/


Attestation Form for COVID-19 Related Child Care Subsidy Payments

Please go to: https://dss.mo.gov/covid-19/ and click on “Child Care” then “Provider” for an electronic copy of the COVID-19 ATTESTATION FOR PAYMENT CONSIDERATION.

This form should not be sent in until all attendance for March 2020 is submitted through CCBIS or CCOIS.

Please direct all questions to: CD.AskECPS@dss.mo.gov

You may submit the completed form by:

E-Mail: CD.ASKCCOIS@dss.mo.gov

Fax: 573-526-9586


Children’s Division

Child Care Payment Unit

PO Box 88

Jefferson City, MO 65103


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