May 19, 2020 Update

Missouri Child Care Subsidy providers will receive payments based on authorized care instead of actual attendance for April, May, and June service months. April payments have been calculated and are scheduled to be issued in the next 5-7 business days. 

If you provided care during the April service month and submitted attendance, but attendance was not submitted for the authorized amount, you will receive payment for the difference of the attendance amount and the authorized amount. If you did not provide care or a child was not in care due to absences, you will receive payment for the full authorized amount if you have been paid for the child in the last 3 service months.

Payment Resolution Requests may still need to be submitted in some cases for child care providers who remain opened. The Payment Resolution Request form (CD-147) located at should be completed and submitted within sixty (60) calendar days of the service month to the Department. Attendance records will be required for payment consideration.

Children who are newly authorized to a provider and in care, but have not been paid for care at the provider in the last 3 service months.
Children who are in care full time, but only authorized for part/half time units as a school age child.
Children who are actually in care outside of authorization (more care than authorized).

Payments to child care providers for the service months of May and June will generate automatically at the beginning of the following month. Child care providers will not submit attendance for payment through the Child Care Online Invoice System (CCOIS) or through the Child Care Business Information Solution (CCBIS) for May and June. Payments will automatically generate to child care providers for the full authorization for children authorized to their care.

Child care providers are still required to collect and maintain accurate daily attendance. Daily attendance records include the parent or person dropping off the child for care, signing the child in and when picking the child up from care, signing the child out. Parents must sign the attendance record. Child care providers who have been delivered and set up to use the Child Care Business Information Solution (CCBIS) will be required to continue having parents sign children in and out via KinderSign or KinderSmart, and will be required to manage attendance via KinderConnect.

Providers who are not utilizing CCBIS will be required to maintain paper attendance records for the April service month. May and June attendance must be kept through the CCBIS. Child care providers awaiting delivery of the CCBIS will need to implement the system immediately upon receipt and training.

Child care providers who have not been contacted or who have refused calls and/or delivery of the CCBIS will need to contact us immediately to schedule delivery and training on CCBIS.

For questions related to payments please email:
For questions related to CCBIS please email: