United 4 Children Shares 2022 Annual Report

In 2022, we celebrated our 10th birthday. St. Louis for Kids and the Child Day Care Association merged in 2012 to form United 4 Children. Both organizations were able to better achieve their shared goals when coming together as United 4 Children. We also moved our headquarters last year to the Delmar DivINe, an office space that brings dozens of social service agencies together under one roof. We have enjoyed being just down the hall from community partners and are constantly exploring additional ways to work collaboratively with our new neighbors.

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United 4 Children supports child care program to improve challenging behaviors  

“Partnering with United 4 Children has helped us use our resources, our conscious discipline, and social-emotional materials the best way we can. We’ve been able to implement new strategies in our classrooms and have seen a huge difference in behavior and overall management of the classroom,” Krista said. “I feel now we can offer more to families.”  

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24 Hours

United 4 Children is hosting its first-ever 24-Hour Charity Campaign on November 8th- 9th! We will invite our community to give a meaningful to them gift in benefit of our region’s children and families and the childcare providers who support them.

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United 4 Children empowers caregivers to nurture whole-child development through early childhood and afterschool programs.

U4C's Main Line:
(314) 531-1412

Inclusion Services:
(800) 467-2322

Missouri's Early Care and Resource and Referral Line:
(866) 583-2392

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