United 4 Children Trainings: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I practice on Zoom to make sure It works and I am more familiar with it?

Yes! You can join a test meeting to familiarize yourself with Zoom. 

Do I need an account to join a Zoom meeting?

 Yes! Our trainings will start requiring you to have a free zoom account. You can join now for free. Free Sign up – Zoom 

Do I have to have a webcam or video to join an online training?

It is helpful but not required. We do ask if you have video that you keep it on during the training session to help us gage interactions and connect in ways similar to that of an in person training.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes! Certificates are typically emailed to each person who is receiving credit. Certificates are sent to the email used when registering for the training. 

Why aren’t my clock hours showing up in the MO Professional Development Toolbox?

It does take a little bit of time to get into the system. Please allow 4 weeks to see trainings in the Toolbox. If you are still having trouble after 4 weeks, please reach out to our Data Specialist for support at barrygale@united4children.org or (314) 531-1412 x166 

If you need help with the toolbox features and functions you can reach them directly at openinitiative@missouri.edu or by calling (573) 884-3373 

I registered for an online training. Where I can I find the link to join?

Automatic emails are sent immediately after your registration to the email you registered with. Sometimes these emails do go to your spam or junk inbox. Please make sure to add us to your contacts so you can receive our emails directly to your inbox. If you still need assistance please reach out to our Data Specialists at barrygale@united4children.org or (314) 531-1412 x166 

What if I don’t know my MOPD ID?

It is a requirement for all United 4 Children trainings to bring your MOPD ID. We encourage you to store it somewhere that you can get to easily such as your phone. You can look up your MOPD ID number by visiting Open Initiative: Look up your MOPD ID (openinitiative.org) 

How do I register for a training?

You can go to our training calendar on the resource tab of our website to view any upcoming public training. Please log in to your account or create an account if you don’t have one. Here is a video to walk you through the process.

I’m trying to register for a training but forgot my password?

No worries. When you click the “Click Here to register online” button it will direct you to the log in page. From here, simply go to the recover account section of the log in. Here you will be asked for your email associated with this account. The system will send you a password reset directly to your email. You can create a new password and be able to proceed with registration. Consider storing your password somewhere safe for future use. 

What if I am late for a training or need to leave early?

Participants who arrive on time, participate throughout, and remain until the end of the training will be awarded full credit for the training. Late attendees are not guaranteed credit. Please consider this policy as you plan for the event as this is a state requirements for all trainings. 

What if the training is full?

 If a training is full you can be placed on the waiting list. We will notify anyone on the waiting list of a future training on the same topic. 

What do I need to join an online training?

 You need a phone, laptop, or tablet with internet connection. We recently added the need for each participant to have their own, free zoom account as well. You will need to be signed in to your zoom account to join the training. 

Will I need to participate in the training?

Yes! There will be opportunities embedded throughout the training for participation. It is a state requirement to participate a minimum of 3 times to receive the MO credits for clock hours. Participation can include typing in the chat, unmuting to speak, taking a poll, joining and participating in breakout sessions, etc. It is each participants responsibility to meet these requirements to receive clock hour credit. 

When I log into a training I can’t hear anything. What do I do?

For any Zoom troubleshooting please visit Troubleshooting – Zoom Help Center.

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