Overcoming developmental delays!

Ally is a smart, inquisitive 5 year old who is one of 10 children who graduated from the 24:1 Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC) in 2017.  Click here to see how the 24:1 ECLC helped Ally overcome her developmental delays.




Healthy eating!

Terri is one of 6,500 children who received healthy meals every day in 2017 through our Child Nutrition Services.  Click here to see how the Child Nutrition Services program helped Terri and other children receive healthy meals.




Isolated, frustrated, and struggling!

Jack was 3 years old when he was diagnosed with autism.  His parents struggled to find care providers who understood how to handle his unique needs and include him in activities with other children.  Click here to see how Jack’s parents received assistance.





Home alone and vulnerable!

Damian is a bright 4th grader who enjoys school and learning.  He participates in one of the afterschool programs that U4C’s Road to Quality program helped establish.  Click here to see how the Road to Quality program helped Damian improve his grades.