Chairman of the Board
Tim Mueller                                                           
Boeing Defense, Space & Security

Vice Chairman of the Board and Treasurer
Michael L. Sorth                                               
Hilltop Securities

Chair of Advancement
Beth Csengody
Wells Fargo Advisors

Chair of Governance
Donovan Foster


Chair of Programs
Ja’Nai Barnes
Magellan Health

Justen Coleman
Centene Corporation

Scott A. Glaeser                                                        Community Volunteer

Nikki Goodwin                                                  CIGNA Healthcare

David Rosenberg                                                     Ameren

Mike LaBozzetta
Faro Law, LLC

Erica Mulligan
Bayer Crop Science



Members of the United 4 Children Board of Directors can access the Board Portal here.


Glen Slay
Slay Industries

Jim Sobule
Community Volunteer

Dick Priest
Community Volunteer

Pallavi Yalla


Ann Cunningham
MO Nutrition Consultant
ext. 146

Anita Stover
Executive Assistant and Office Manager
ext. 100

Annie Streater
IL Nutrition Consultant
ext. 127

Barry Gale
Quality Program Specialist
ext. 166

Becky Vogel
Early Childhood Specialist
ext. 140

Bridgit Gale
Assistant Program Officer
ext. 131

Brittany Mischeaux
Early Childhood Specialist
ext. 137

Brittney Wilson
Lead Outreach Specialist

Krysta Grangeno

Operations and Wellbeing Director

ext. 159

Charlotte Barthelemy
IL Nutrition Program Administrator
ext. 116

Christy Frazier
MO Nutrition Program Administrator
ext. 129

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Christine Pogue
MO Inclusion Specialist
ext. 160

Courtney Smith
MO CNS Assistant Program Administrator
ext. 144

Deanna Finch
Executive Director
ext. 147

Denise Silhavy
Early Childhood Specialist
ext. 139

Elisa Zieg
Program Officer
ext. 119

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Amber Simino-Velasquez 
MO Inclusion Specialist     Eastern Region
            (800) 467-2322      ext. 115

Gail Wulff
Director of Inclusion Services-Eastern Region

Rhonda Rubinstein       Nutrition

Kim Dunn
Educare Specialist

Lakeisha Jones
Outreach Specialist

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Lakesha Robinson
Community Engagement Director
ext. 114

Megan Mansouri
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
ext. 156


Muzhda Siddiqui
Outreach Specialist

Nikia Brown
Early Childhood Specialist
ext. 138

Rashaan Bush
Director of PAQ Services
ext. 130

Rose Decker
MO Nutrition Consultant

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Samantha Dugger
MO Lead Inclusion Specialist
ext. 132

Gina Dattilo
Annual Fund      Coordinator      ext. 168

Phone: (314) 531-1412
Toll-Free: (800) 467-2322
Fax: (314) 531-4184

5501 Delmar Blvd.
Suite B520
Saint Louis, MO 63112