St. Louis Regional Hub Informational Planning Meetings

Hello champions and advocates,

Our next informational meeting is almost here and we want you to join us! It is important to note that there is a role for everyone– we will have more formal partnerships in addition to general feedback opportunities.  If you’re interested in joining us, please click the button below to register!

If you want to catch up on our past meetings, you can do so below.


May 27, 2021 Hub Meeting

Community Action Items: 

  • Complete a meeting goal survey 
  • Consider if you want to be a partner for the leadership team 

United 4 Children Next Steps: 

  • Meet and connect with potential partners 
  • Send out updated information packet of the Regional Hub with United 4 Children 
  • Send invites for meetings over the next few months 
  • Get a website updated for landing page  
  • Work together to build action plan to achieve the outcomes 

Educator Spotlight: 

  • Will begin in June 

Video Recording:

April 29, 2021 Hub Meeting

If you missed the kick off meeting check out the video below. You can also download the Community Hub Packet here.

Community Action Steps:

  • Work together to build an action plan to achieve the activities-will begin at our next meeting.

United 4 Children Next Steps:

  • Meet and connect with school district partners​- in progress
  • Send out an information packet of the Regional Hub with United 4 Children
  • Send invites for meetings over the next few months
  • Share the DESE activities for each readiness area​- in the Hub Packet
  • Another activity we are working on is to take the information shared about community groups and resources at the kick off meeting and combine them into a virtual space to begin showcasing and connecting groups together. We will also be reaching out to folks and organizations that have been working on this mapping capacity. As a reminder, our goal is to be a bridge, not duplicate work being done.

Video Recording: