United 4 Children’s Sponsorship Program has ample opportunity for you to sponsor a specific event or both events. As a sponsor for BOTH EVENTS, you will be recognized as an Annual Sponsor with extra year-round benefits, above and beyond our individual event sponsor levels.

Our program has many benefits offered for your company from multiple marketing exposures in branding to mission based benefits. Last year, we reached over 1 million impressions due to our outreach in marketing efforts.

United 4 Children’s vision is for every child to have the foundation to thrive. We are focusing our work in under-resourced communities, working to narrow disparities in early childhood education and elementary schools by ensuring all children have equitable educational and developmental opportunities. We believe this can happen by empowering caregivers to nurture whole-child development in early childhood and afterschool programs.

Our sponsors are critical in building a positive future for our most vulnerable communities in the St. Louis Region.

Through our partnership, you can help thousands of children begin a successful journey in life.

Will you join United 4 Children in supporting our community leaders?

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