The state of Missouri has the highest level of school suspensions in the nation, with St. Louis being the highest concentration in the state. In fact, in St. Louis, children score 61% higher in social-emotional delays than the national average. The SEEC Project is a multi-tiered research-based approach that teaches social-emotional skills in which all children benefit from provided preventative strategies for children who are at-risk for social-emotional delays and help determine interventions for children exhibiting challenging behaviors.

This free project is an open program serving children birth through kindergarten entry in St. Louis City which included:

  • 32 hours of state approved training (4 full days in the fall and 2 half day trainings in the Winter and Spring)
  • Substitute reimbursement while teachers are attending training
  • Materials and equipment needed to implement strategies taught
  • On-site coaching and consultation based on an individually created classroom action plan throughout the school year
  • Assistance in creating individual interventions for children with challenging behaviors

The project was developed in 2006 to help address the challenges teachers were and are facing with children’s behaviors in the classroom that are disrupting instructional time. The training provides information that is based in theory and research that specifically looks at the impact of trauma, poverty and toxic stress that impact children’s readiness to learn.

Since the beginning of this project in 2006, 4,266 children have been impacted by the hard work of 690 teachers.