School Age is the Cool Age!

Gina Dattilo
Inclusion Specialist

It’s a new school year. What does your environment look like? If the children aren’t using the equipment, toys or areas of your classroom you may want to check the games and make sure all the parts are there. Are the areas labeled so the children know where items are supposed to be stored? If any toys are missing, torn or broken, then take them off the shelves or throw them out. Are all the areas of the classroom interesting to a child? If children aren’t using the items in the classroom it may be because they aren’t interested in them.

Have you taught the children expectations in the classroom? When the group comes together you can use that opportunity to make rules with the children. What would the children think the rules for the classroom should be? Have one child write them down and all children in the group sign the agreement. This will help the children to understand the expectations for the class.

Working with children is challenging, but some of these ideas may support your classroom. Make School Age the Cool Age!

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