Developing the whole-child

United 4 Children strives to meet caregivers where they are, helping to develop a better understanding of the needs of the whole-child to ensure that children feel safe, engaged, supported and challenged by qualified and caring adults. We empower professionals with the knowledge to better understand physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges that children may face to provide the best care and education possible.


To do this, we provide technical assistance and quality improvement services through assessments, training, coaching and referrals that address the many needs of the whole-child. When caregivers feel confident and competent, our children are given every opportunity to succeed.

Our Services

We strive to meet community needs where other resources don’t exist and build relationships through aligning shared values, creating equitable partnerships, and meeting our commitments to families and centers.

Career Development

Ensures that early childhood centers, youth program educators and administrators have the knowledge needed to support the whole child well-being.

Early Childhood Learning Center

Ensures kindergarten readiness at no cost to families in the Normandy School District.


Ensures quality inclusive programs for children with developmental, behavioral or physical challenges.


Ensures nutritious meals and snacks are served in Family Child Care Home Providers in MO & IL

Programs Achieving Quality (PAQ)

Ensures quality improvement and accreditation of childcare programs through individualized classroom coaching, professional development, center investment grants and business development.

Road to Quality (R2Q)

Ensures high-quality afterschool programming that improves each child’s educational experience and designed to keep youth in school, safe and engaged during out-of-school time.

Social-Emotional Early Childhood

Ensures preventive and intervention strategies by teaching social-emotional skills to all children, targeting those most susceptible to social emotional delays.

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