Meet Todd

Todd is 4 years old and attends United 4 Children’s 24:1 Early Childhood Learning Center. Todd’s family has limited transportation options, and everyone helps to make sure Todd comes to school. His grandparents will walk him a little over a mile one way when his uncle is unable to drive him.

Before coming to the 24:1 Early Childhood Learning Center, Todd was at home with his grandparents and younger brother during the day. He didn’t want to interact with anyone other than his parents or grandparents and he didn’t want to leave the house. His parents were struggling with his challenging behavior and developmental delays. Todd’s family was afraid that he would not have the tools necessary to live a successful life.

When he first came to the Center he did not want to play with the other children. He would grab toys and yell at the other children. Todd would cry and fall to the floor if he couldn’t play with all the toys by himself. He only used 2–3 words, and his speech was difficult to understand. We referred Todd to the Special School District, and he qualified for services.

In a short period of time since starting school at the 24:1 Early Childhood Learning Center and receiving extra services, everyone who knows Todd can see the growth he has made. He is using complete sentences and asking questions. Now he asks friends to play and offers others to take a turn. He is verbalizing his feelings and needs and is happier.

After just a short time with United 4 Children, the improvements in Todd’s behavior and development will be seen for a lifetime. The skills he’s learning like conflict resolution, communication, impulse control, and empathy will prepare him to be ready for Kindergarten, High School, and the workforce! Todd’s parents now have peace of mind for Todd’s future!

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