We’re So Proud of Josh

Meet Josh.  Josh is 5 years old.  Josh enrolled in the 24:1 Early Childhood Learning Center program during its first months of operation in 2015. Josh was screened for any delays, in which he scored below the cutoff in several areas including fine motor, communication and problem solving, indicating a need for further evaluations and support. Changes were made to Josh’s lessons in order to support him, and the staff at 24:1 ECLC connected his mom to the Special School District who provided speech therapy services.

Josh’s screening was completed again recently where his scores indicate that his development is on target in all areas.  As he continues to receive services from SSD he will transition to the  Normandy Kindergarten Center this upcoming school year.

After just a short time with United 4 Children, the improvements in Josh’s development will be seen for his entire lifetime.  Josh’s parents are so proud of him and we are too!

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