Support for Including Children with Special Needs

Children with developmental, behavioral or physical challenges and their families are offered security, compassion and understanding. We assist families in locating quality inclusive programs and work with the program staff to assure the best care possible. The more we learn about children’s development, the more we know how important it is to intervene sooner rather than later when a child has a developmental delay, disability or other special need including challenging behavior.

We also know that the American with Disabilities Act (the ADA) requires that child care providers make reasonable accommodations to meet the needs of these children. Our hearts tell us that we want to meet the needs of ALL the children we care for – but it’s not always easy to know HOW to successfully include a child with special needs.

United 4 Children Can Help!

United 4 Children’s Inclusion Specialists offer the following services to assist you as you work to meet the needs of children with special needs in your centers and homes.

On-site or telephone technical assistance, short term observations, consultation and training specific to the needs of a particular child.
This service is provided free of charge.

Community-based workshops about Inclusion.
Watch for information about dates and times several times each year in email notices, flyers and on the Missouri Training Calendar.
There is a small fee for these training.

Providers – Click HERE to view the specialist in your area map

To reach your Inclusion Specialist please call 1-800-467-2322 plus your Inclusion Specialist’s extension below.

Eastern Region
Lisa Eberle-Mayse
(314) 531-1412 ext. 117
Eastern Region
Gina Dattilo
(314) 531-1412 ext. 135
Southeast Region
Kathy Harris
(314) 531-1412 ext. 160
Central/Northwest Region
Wendy Cornell
(314) 531-1412 ext. 153
Western Region
Jan Inman
(314) 531-1412 ext. 154
Southwest Region
Karen Base
(314) 531-1412 ext. 132


For more information, or to request assistance from an Inclusion
Specialist, call 1-800-467-2322 or email us at

Summer Splash Adapted Water Ski Event, Friday & Saturday, July 26-27, 2019 at Creve Coeur Park.  Volunteer or sign up to ski.  The Missouri Disabled Water Ski Association invites you to this amazing weekend of adaptive water skiing for children and adults with disabilities. We need volunteers, equipment, and skiers. Email to and let us know you are volunteering, bringing a boat, Jet Ski, Wave Runner, can help with BBQ, wish to ski, or help in other ways!

Join Cycle St. Louis for this annual event on Saturday, August 31st in conjunction with the prestigious Gateway Cup!! If you have questions, call the Recreation Council at (314) 726-6044.

Take Your Time: Cycle, Bike, Wheelchair and Scooter Ride

In partnership with the Recreation Council of Greater St. Louis, the Missouri Department of Conservation is offering a bike, cycle, wheelchair and scooter ride on Saturday, August 24 from 5-7 p.m. on the Busch Greenway bike trail in St. Charles. This is a FREE program tailored to persons with disabilities. For more information, please call Marilynn Motchan at (314) 322-9592

Learn more about events happening through Fun 4 Kids!

Click HERE for more information!

Pete the Cat Rules is a great example of classroom rules.
List of items: 
Card stock and laminate


Fine Motor Task Boxes can be used for independent work or an activity to take a break. We like to use these to create a structured activity for children that need a structured self regulation break. Fine motor work can be calming for some children. Specifically, some children on the autism spectrum need structured activities built into routines.

List of items: 
Pencil Box, Card Stock, Laminate, Links,  Pattern Blocks, Hole Punch, Pony Beads, Shoe Laces,  Color Counters, Pompoms, Tweezers, Unifix Cubes, Dry Erase Marker and Eraser, Clothes Pins, Scissors, Colored Paper

The Peace Table is a conflict resolution tool used to teach children how to communicate and solve problems together.

List of items: 
Basket or Bucket, Items to decorate bucket, Talking Stick, Solutions Cards on a Ring, What is Peace Visuals, Card Stock, Laminate, Small Table for two

The Talking Stick is a talk tool to support conflict resolution. It is used to teach listening and communicating – taking turns in conversation.

List of items: 
Stick, Craft Tape, Leather string, beads, feathers.  Or, paint to let the children decorate and create the stick.