I’m Still Happy……I’m Not Angry Anymore!

Working with the Social Emotional Early Childhood (SEEC)  Instructors, has truly impacted how we structure our day and our interactions with the children.  In the past, we’ve tried to make sure that our classroom is child centered and our children know that their feelings matter. Our interactions with the parents are more thought out, and we try to include them more into the dynamics of the classroom.  We have incorporated a feelings board, so that the parents can tell us how their child is feeling in the morning.  It’s amazing to see the children come up to us later and say, “I’m still happy” or “I’m not angry anymore!

The children are able to manage their own feelings better, they are also learning more and more on how to take turns and play WITH each other and not necessarily share.

The SEEC class has been very beneficial to us.  Thank you!

-Candis Cannady and Miliya Floyd
Toddler Teachers, Kingdom House

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