Illinois Child Nutrition Services

Who is Eligible?

Licensed and license exempt child care home providers can join the CACFP.

You will:

  • Learn how to plan and serve low cost, nutritious meals
  • Receive reimbursement for meals and snacks you serve that meet USDA guidelines
  • Assure parents that children eat healthy meals while in your care

For additional information contact:

Charlotte Barthelemy
Program Administrator, Illinois
314-531-1412 ext. 116

Katrina Harris
Assistant Program Administrator, Illinois
314-531-1412 ext. 115


Please click on the appropriate link below to download and/or read the Forms.


Tier 1 – Providers by school or census and have children living in their home under 13 years old.


Tier 2 – Providers wanting to change to Tier 1 *Must submit all tax & income proof*


Parent Application – For questions please contact Charlotte Barthelemy, Program Administrator, Illinois at 800-467-2322 ext. 116.


Medical Substitution Form


Direct Deposit Form


Holiday Sign-In/Out Form


On-Line Claiming Agreement


View Video for Online Claiming Providers


Click here for instructions for using the online demonstration account.


Please click on the appropriate link below to download and/or read the Handbooks and Guides.


United 4 Children Nutrition Handbook


Creditable Foods Guide




Feeding Infants in the CACFP Chapter 1 (extra credit)


Phone (314) 531-1412
Toll Free (800) 467-2322
Fax: (314) 531-4184

1310 Papin Street
Suite 100B
Saint Louis MO 63103