Foundation To Thrive Webinar Series

United 4 Children and the Clark-Fox Policy Institute invite you to learn more about the early childhood education landscape and the impact of quality childcare. Throughout our 2022 Foundation to Thrive Webinar Series, we will discuss the barriers to every child having the foundation to thrive, and how early childhood education plays a key role in building a promising future for our communities. Each webinar will take place via Zoom, from 11 a.m. to noon on a Thursday.

Take a look at our upcoming webinars:

Feb. 17, 2022: What does quality childcare have to do with me? How Quality Childcare's Value Reaches Beyond a Family's Household

During tax season, families are crunching the numbers on what childcare has cost this past year. We’ll discuss how the value of that investment reaches beyond their household. 

View the recording from this webinar below:

April 28, 2022: Are you a business leader? Here's why you should care about ECE.

We will highlight the barriers families face in finding and maintaining quality childcare placements. We’ll discuss possible solutions. Hint: businesses can do a lot to support parents on their team — directly or indirectly. 

June 23, 2022: Not a Parent? Here's Why You Should Still Care About Early Childhood Education

We will focus on how having accessible, quality childcare impacts an entire community. More than parents and children are affected by childcare — there is a ripple effect on the community. With that in mind, the entire community should be invested in ensuring children have the foundation to thrive. In short, we’ll answer: if you don’t have a child, why should you care about childcare in your community? 

Aug. 25, 2022: Building the Preschool to Promise Pipeline

We will discuss on how quality early learning experiences can positively impact a child’s future.

Nov 17, 2022: State of the Agency

We hope you can join us at 11 a.m. Nov. 17 on Zoom to learn more about where United 4 Children is now and where we are heading! You’ll hear from United 4 Children Executive Director Deanna Finch and Deputy Director Elisa Zieg, and you’ll have an opportunity to meet U4C’s new program leadership team:

Rashaan Bush, Recruitment and Referrals Manager

Brittany Mischeaux, Coaching Manager

Christy Frazier, Director of Nutrition Services

Jennifer Saitz, Evaluation Manager

Andrea Walton, Education Manager

Gail Wulff, Director of Inclusion Services

Dec. 15, 2022: What a year!? ECE 2022 Year in Review

With the end of the year approaching, we will take a look at where ECE is today, ECE’s biggest moments of 2022 (including how ECE has impacted working parents), and celebrations. 

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