Educator Membership: Frequently Asked Questions

Can a program be in more than oneinvestment area?

Yes, a program is able tobe in multiple investment areassimultaneously. Programs will be able toassess their capacity and receive supportneeded to achieve their goals. If it isdetermined that making progress on morethan one investment area becomes tooburdensome we can identify the topprogram priority and change our goals

Is there a cost to services?

All available supports are free. U4C offers an annualBuilding the Preschool to Promise Pipelineconference at a discount to members.

Do providers get funds for their program?

Possibly. At times U4C receives specificfunds to support program and providegoals. When these opportunities becomeavailable, this will be communicated toeligible programs.

Who is eligible for services?

U4C offersBusiness Investment support to everychildcare provider in Missouri and IL. Untiladditional funding is received, theInvestment areas are only available in theSt. Louis region, and priority is given to thefollowing zip codes:, 63106, 63133, 63107, 63113,63140, 63147, 63115, 63136, 63137, 63134,63121, 63111, and 63118.The zip codes areprioritized based on the DistressedCommunities Index Report and the St. LouisBuilding Blocks Report.

Does my program have to be licensed toqualify?

 U4C offers Business Investmentsupport to every childcare provider in MO and IL regardless of licensing type. Additionalservices are available to all.