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Child Care Supports for the COVID-19 response is being conducted in partnership with COVID-19 Regional Response Team (led by Dr. Jason Purnell); Community Impact Network; Child Care Aware of MO; City of St. Louis Mayor’s Office of Children, Youth and Families; St. Louis County Department of Human Services; and United 4 Children. We are thankful for these wonderful partnerships!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Louis County gathered a team of experts to craft the region’s strategy. At the direction of the COVID-19 Regional Response Team, led by Dr. Jason Purnell, United 4 Children has been requested to oversee childcare for the region.

As the lead agency for Childcare support during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are supporting the region in three essential categories: Care Coordination, Basic Need Coordination and Child Specific Consultation.

Each of these areas are designed to support the whole child regardless if care is taking place at home or in a child care setting. United 4 Children’s services area available to caregivers and families across the St. Louis Metro Region. 

Care Coordination

Per regional communication release Saturday 3/21, it is possible that regional childcare agencies may close. As essential businesses will remain open, the children of first responders and dedicated workers will need a safe place to be during work hours.

Child Care Aware of Missouri is serving as the lead organization in providing child care referrals. Email or call the toll-free number at 866-892-3228. Our team will support the centers and will follow up with weekly check-in’s and virtual coaching to support the childcare staff. You can also email

Basic Needs Coordination

In this time of crisis, childcare providers may lose access to items critical to basic needs. This includes but is not limited to: food, diapers, health and hygiene supplies. Due to this issues, we are leading basic needs coordination for childcare programs and the families who rely on them. The process is as followed: We are listening and gathering information, coordinate supply, our team coordinates supply delivery and pick up options, weekly check-in’s for future delivery and needs.

Contact: | 314-252-0078

Child Specific Consultation

Life is changing drastically and children are in the midst of the chaos. United 4 Children is here to help children thrive. Using a strengths based approach, we can provide expert coaching to support the child’s health and well-being. The process is as followed: Contact United 4 Children at and fill out a google form, our team will customize child specific plan and match the family or child with expert coaching, coach in 30 minute sessions while providing play kits.

Contact: | 314-252-0078

To locate your nearest federally-qualified health center, please visit Find a Healthcare Center

St. Louis County Health Line | 314-615-2660

St. Louis City Health Department Line |  314-612-5100

View Operation Food Source Distribution List

View DHSS website for updates

This site also includes the number for a 24-hour hotline should you have general questions about COVID-19.

To understand the Stay-at-home order and how it relates to childcare and closing, click St. Louis County Stay at Home Order and St. Louis City Stay at Home Order

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Missouri expands food stamp program in response to coronavirus

County health department guidelines for childcare settings

Charter/Spectrum is offering 2 months of free internet to support Academic Learning for families. Call (844) 488-8395 for more information. Also, please note that if there is an outstanding bill, the free internet is not an option.

TLC for Kids provides staffing for childcare programs around the region, as well as in-home care. Contact Angela at or by calling 314-725-5560 

Information about the CARES ACT: paycheck protection program calculations | COVID-19 Federal Aid Reference Guide | PPP_Calculator

To understand the Stay-at-home order and how it relates to childcare and closing, view PDF document.

Any child care that is operated in St. Louis County beginning on Monday, March 23, 2020 must only care for the children of necessary staff of an Essential Business. Children of employees who are not necessary staff of an Essential Business should not be in care.

View full message and details.

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