Title: Coaching, Senior Manager  

Reports To: Deputy Director 

Salary Range: $65,000-$80,000 dependent on experience, with opportunities for advancement  

To Apply: Complete application at our hiring site Coaching, Senior Manager. 

About United 4 Children   

United 4 Children (U4C) makes children a priority. By providing children with healthy meals, creating safe places to learn and play, and providing social-emotional and inclusive services for children with special needs or challenging behaviors – United 4 Children ensures every child has the foundation to thrive. U4C offers high-quality support programs serving children up to 13 so that families can feel at ease knowing their children, regardless of ability, are receiving the best care possible and have every opportunity to succeed.   

United 4 Children’s Values   

At United 4 Children, it is expected that we center our common values in the work that we do individually and together. We hold each other accountable to live out these values in our work and celebrate with each other as we demonstrate the following:   

  • Community – We put the needs and desires of children, families, and caregivers at the center of our work. We partner with schools and fellow nonprofit organizations to create excellent educational and developmental opportunities for every child in the region.  
  • Trust – For the last 50 years, we have been honest and earnest in all our interactions. We strive to readily meet community needs particularly where other resources do not exist.  
  • Equity – We seek to understand the disparities facing children, families, and childcare providers. We ensure everyone has access to the resources needed to thrive.  
  • Empathy – We strive to understand the unique experiences of every person we encounter. We respect each person’s journey and seek to support everyone’s specific needs.  

Overview: Coaching, Sr. Manager will ensure that the agency is strategically improving our agency’s focus on on-site coaching and mentoring services. The Coaching Sr. Manager will create systems of connection that are focused on the experience the client has with our organization. Clients will include registered/unlicensed home providers caring for six or fewer (SOF) children, licensed homes (LIC-H) and group homes (LIC-GH), licensed centers (Centers), license-exempt schools (LEX-Schools), licensed-exempt religious in compliance (RIC) childcare providers. On-site coaching and mentoring services will be based on the Environment Rating Scale family of tools to identify program strengths and opportunities for improvement. The Coaching Senior Manager will work with the Managers of Home-Based Coaching, Infant/Toddler Coaching and Pre-School coaching to support teams in Strengths-Based service delivery and SMART goal setting. The Coaching Sr. Manager will work with the Manager of Research and Data Analysis to monitor the agency’s compliance with all contract deliverables related to on-site coaching and mentoring services and will be instrumental in keeping the agency in touch with national best-practice standards for supporting quality improvement in childcare programs.  

What You Will Do   

  • Work with Marketing Manager to create marketing materials that can be used to recruit programs into on-site coaching and mentoring services 
  • Oversee Coaching Managers to establish best practices for serving childcare providers, setting SMART goals, and ensuring consistent delivery of quality services. 
  • Help prepare materials required for program audits for contracts 
  • Work with Deputy Director to develop protocols to ensure quality delivery of services, and use of program budget to support successful program delivery 
  • Work with the Manger of Research and Data Analysis to build reports that will assist Coaching Managers to monitor quality services including identifying percentages of goals set verses met, percentages of increase in pre/post assessment using the Environment Rating Scales 
  • Reflective Supervision with Coaching Managers to support their work with their teams to meet service delivery milestones 
  • Work with managers to ensure data collected is accurate and timely. 
  • Work with Research & Data Analysis Manager to review data and progress on program outcomes 
  • Work with Deputy Director, Research and Data Analysis Manager, Evaluation Manager, and to develop systems that help Coaching Managers  
  • Understand program deliverables and timeline requirements from funding sources 
  • Work with managers to identify training and materials needed to support quality program delivery to ensure consistent delivery of service  
  • Identify team strengths and opportunities for improvement in delivery and documentation of services. 
  • Develop trainings to build agency manager’s skills and capacity to implement customer service delivery based on best practices for consistent program outcomes 
  • Conduct meetings with internal teams to review available resources and how to document referrals to childcare programs. 
  • Actively participate in required meetings and personal professional development   
  • Effectively work cross departmentally to best meet the needs of the children and providers served  
  • Inform Senior leadership on best practices for program oversight  
  • Other duties as assigned  

Skills We Are Looking For   

  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Child Psychology, Social Work, Instructional/Educational Leadership, Program Evaluation or closely related field.  
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience Managing teams 
  • Pass a Family Care and Safety Registry Screening  
  • Authorized to work in the United States  
  • Ability to retain a minimum of liability vehicle insurance  
  • Experience and skill working with diverse populations  
  • Successful implementation of trauma informed strategies  
  • Conscientious use of justice, equity, and inclusion lens when working with self and others  
  • Successful at working in multiple teams simultaneously  
  • Ability to work some weekends and nights  
  • Ability to travel throughout the state  

Perks and Benefits   

  • Health, dental and vision insurance  
  • 401 (K) contribution   
  • Short-term and long-term disability  
  • Employer paid life insurance 
  • Flexible Schedule  
  • Hybrid work environment  
  • Employee Assistance Program 
  • Ask about our other benefits  


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