Fulltime child care subsidy benefits extended for low-income school-aged students not attending in person

The Department of Social Services is extending full-time child care subsidy benefits through December 31, 2020 for eligible school-aged students who are distance learning in Missouri. The extension of this benefit, effective beginning September 1, ensures children remain safe and supervised and supports working parents during the school day.

This additional benefit to families is made possible through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act Child Care Plan. The regular Child Care Subsidy program benefit covers before and after school care or full day care when school is not in session. The additional benefit through CARES Act funding covers full day care when school-aged children are learning virtually.


All school-aged children will be authorized up to 23 full-time days. Children currently authorized for fewer days, due to family’s need, will be authorized full-time days for their currently authorized number of days.

Payment for school-aged children will be made based on actual attendance entered by the child’s sponsor through the electronic attendance system; Child Care Business Information Solution (CCBIS).

Accurate attendance records for all authorized children must be maintained in CCBIS in order for the provider to receive accurate and timely payment.

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