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Honoring Our Community

Now, more than ever, our community, childcare providers and funders have stepped up and responded to the pandemic in remarkable ways. You have protected and served our most vulnerable population, our children. We want to honor you and your dedication to giving every...

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2019-2022 Strategic Plan Overview

United 4 Children (U4C) has refined our mission and vision, set core values, and gained clarity through a year-long strategic planning process supported by regional priorities related to early childhood education (ECE). We are confident that with this new strategic...

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How to get your child to listen when giving directions

Author | Karen Base Have you ever had a time when you were trying to read a book to a child and they keep wiggling, moving or talking? Or maybe you were trying to get them to clean up their toys or get ready for bed but they simply refused to move! Yes I have had that...

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