Here at United 4 Children, we are building the future one child at a time. We believe youth violence, child neglect, abuse and learning delays can be reduced through early childhood intervention and afterschool programming. We supply better life outcomes for children by providing preventative services to childcare and afterschool programs.

Building a future where all children are given every opportunity to achieve educational and life success regardless of their challenges.

United 4 Children was founded in 2012 and is stemmed from St. Louis for Kids and the Child Day Care Association. When combining the two organizations, United 4 Children was able to provide high-quality support to not only afterschool programs but childcare programs as well.

St. Louis for Kids grew out of community efforts to address the problems of youth violence and delinquency. Founded originally in 1996 as the Regional Violence Initiative, Inc., the St. Louis for Kids name and mission were adopted in 2000. In 2004, St. Louis for Kids continued its efforts after citizen forums identified afterschool programs were critical and needed to be changed when addressing the issue of youth violence. St. Louis for Kids was charged with meeting a pressing need for a central afterschool resource to provide information, technical assistance and advocacy.

Child Day Care Association (CDCA) was founded in 1969 as a result of the deep interest of a number of child care center directors in establishing a central organization for child care. At the same time, the United Way of St. Louis was interested in assuring that high-quality standards were in place in childcare centers receiving United Way support.

The United Way agreed to fund the CDCA charge; that it would, within two years, develop a system of performance standards which all United Way child care centers would be required to meet. Thus CDCA became the only social service agency created by the United Way.