Every day, hundreds of children are being suspended across Missouri with the St. Louis Region having the highest rate. Being suspended during the most important stage of a child’s development creates the foundation of irreversible educational and life challenges. 

Children ages three to four who are suspended are 83 percent more likely to have challenging behaviors and learning disabilities. Many who have been exposed to the juvenile system have experienced suspension as early as preschool. 

You may be asking, “why are preschoolers being suspended?!”  Trauma from violence, generational poverty, and lack of accessible resources are a few reasons that our children are struggling and need their teachers to be adequately equipped to manage their growing needs.  

Now, more than ever, educators need support and resources to provide high-quality care to children in our community and to help prevent their children from suspension. When educators are able to receive services from United 4 Children, they are coached alongside their children to better understand the child’s needs. Through our supports and interventions, educators are more skilled to accommodate a child’s needs so they can both thrive. 

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Without you, our most vulnerable children will needlessly be set up for a lifetime of obstacles. It takes just one positive relationship in a child’s life to determine whether a child will fall into a negative or positive life cycle. Once a child enters third grade, if they have not been exposed to additional resources and healthy relationships to remediate their challenges, it is more likely that they will begin their journey to risky behaviors that are detrimental to their own lives and others.

By donating to United 4 Children, thousands of children can be in safe, loving environments with nurturing relationships that shape the endless opportunities for them to succeed!

Our goal is to raise $10,000 by January 1, 2020.  Please donate to build a positive future for our most vulnerable communities in the St. Louis Region. Through our partnership, you can help thousands of children begin a successful journey in life. 

Let’s Build Children’s Futures Together. 

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Let’s Build Children’s Futures Together: Suspension at the most important stage of a child’s development creates the foundation of irreversible educational and life challenges. Help United 4 Children put these children first and make a lasting impact on children’s lives by donating today at buildingfutures.givesmart.com!”

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