Program Officer

Job Title: Program Officer Department: Administration

Salary Range: $55,000 – $70,000 plus benefits

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The PO is responsible for leading and managing a comprehensive array of services and community engagement that promotes excellent services to early childhood and youth programs, children, and families. The PO will coordinate the execution and evaluation of operational plans and programs that support leadership and innovation in promoting quality child care, successful early childhood development and quality after-school care. RESPONSIBLE TO: Executive Director RESPONSIBLE FOR: Supervision of Program Directors (current exception being Nutrition Directors), VIQI coaches, Grants Coordinator Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following.

Other duties may be assigned:

  • Works in partnership with ED and Director of Development to conduct organizational planning and create a unified leadership perspective
  • Leads the development of program strategy and indicators of success for the advancement of the quality and impact of services
  • Directly supervises program leads to maintain accurate project management records and status reports in accordance with contractual obligations and acceptable business practices
  • Supports board and organizational committees as assigned
  • Develops and implements strategies that maximize synergies among program areas
  • Develops, implements and manages program aspects of annual budget
  • Positions organization to successfully compete for public and private grants, contracts and partnerships. Identifies and develops program and partnership opportunities
  • Leads the cultivation, management, and writing of public and private grants
  • Guide development of cohesive and comprehensive outcome-oriented evaluations
  • Maintains appropriate relationships with other social service agencies, community advocates, funding organizations, and federal, state, and local government representatives
  • Represents U4C on strategically-aligned boards and committees

Education and Experience

  • College degree (4 year) or equivalent industry experience
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in early childhood and/or after school programing
  • Experience developing and working under the guidance and direction of an Executive Director


  • Understanding of early childhood and youth development
  • Proven leadership experience
  • Strong fiscal discipline and ability to identify and pursue funding opportunities within current contracts and develop new sources
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills; organize, facilitate and present information in a concise manner to a variety of audiences
  • Team-oriented and able to work and succeed in a diverse environment
  • Problem-solving, coaching and delegation skills
  • Self-starter
  • Results oriented; resourceful
  • Knowledge of personal computers and related software applications Travel
  • Must have a valid Missouri or Illinois driver’s license and automobile insurance carrying the required level of automobile insurance.

The PO will be evaluated during the first 90 days and annually on the following:

Leadership & Supervision

Be a proactive and supportive member of leadership team
Observe and provide appropriate feedback regarding staff performance
Provide effective, reflective supervision

Community Engagement

Identify community tables, partnerships and opportunities at which U4C should be engaged
Cultivate effective relationships with partners, funders and stakeholders
Be an effective, professional ambassador for U4C


Monitor quality implementation of all programs and operations
Assure fidelity of tracking and implementation of all contracts and funds
Assure all deadlines for applications, reports and correspondence for grants and all projects are met in a timely manner
Work continuously to assure quality improvement and innovation

Budget and Development

Familiarity with all program budgets
Assure direct reports effectively maintain budget/fiscal records, and facilitate regular budget meetings among programs and Director of Finance & Operations
Work as appropriate with Executive Director and Director of Finance and Operations to monitor budgets
Work with Grants Coordinator to identify, pursue, implement and report on appropriate grants and funding opportunities

Presentation Skills

Appropriately solves problems in a timely manner
Demonstrates excellent detail-oriented practices
Excellent organizational skills
Professional business communication
Strong time and project management skills
Works independently as well as part of a team and follows through on assignments and prioritizes completing tasks

Interpersonal Skills

Demonstrates professional conduct with staff and public face-to face interaction
Demonstrates professionalism in corresponding with staff and public through email or other written communication
Uses approved de-escalation techniques when needed

Professional Growth

Takes initiative in professional growth by demonstrating leadership qualities, communicating effectively to staff and building relationships
Demonstrates ability to receive feedback on work performance and areas for growth

Workplace Standards

Exemplifies desired agency culture
Adheres to company time and attendance standards
Meets dress code standards
Adheres to ethical, professional and organizational standards
Maintains a safe work environment Attends and participates in mandatory trainings and meetings
Performs all duties in an ethical manner
Conserves agency resources
Completes tasks within assigned timelines and manages time effectively
Demonstrates knowledge of agency policy and procedures
Performs other duties as assigned

United 4 Children is an equal opportunity employer.

To apply for this position, please send resume and cover letter to