Your Donation Keeps Kids Safe After School

With our busy lives and schedules, we often forget about the ones less fortunate than ourselves. We forget that there are disadvantaged children with challenges that they need help to overcome.  Josh is a creative, energetic 5 year old. Shortly after he enrolled in preschool he was screened for developmental delays, and scored low in fine motor skills, problem solving skills, and communication skills development, indicating a need for further support and assistance in order to be ready for Kindergarten.

Did you know that the best time for optimal brain development is during the earliest ages of 0 – 5?  The longer we wait to help Josh, the harder it will be for him to improve – setting him up for challenges for the rest of his life.

Children with developmental delays are at higher risk for disruptive behaviors, preschool expulsion, dropping out of high school, and consequently being more vulnerable to become a victim of:

* poverty
* homelessness
* addiction
* incarceration

We are asking you to join us in making these children a priority. 

Children who receive high quality early childhood and youth development services have:

* reduced behavioral problems
* higher academic achievement
* improved work habits
* healthier relationships

Josh’s results depend on what we do now.  We provide an array of quality preventative and interventive services that will give him the tools he needs to succeed.

$50 or $100 donation keeps Josh safe in quality after school programs. Will you donate today?  Any contribution is appreciated.

Your gift will help give Josh the start in life he deserves, and will also help thousands more like him.

Please join us in making Josh, and thousands more children, a priority!  

Thank you in advance,



Dawn Winkler
Executive Director

P.S. Your donation is critical to building a future where all children, regardless of their challenges, achieve educational and life success.