See what our Providers had to say.

Spencer Miller

I just received an excellent training from Deborah Taylor called “Building Strong Children”. At the core of the training was a teaching of empathy and how difficult some of these children’s lives are. I was raised in a rural area and have not always understood what the children’s lives in an urban area are really like.

India Parker-Houston

As a lifelong educator I always knew that I wanted to further my education, but at the time, I was a single mom and a full time worker. This meant I didn’t have much time to squeeze school into my schedule. My Director at the time notified me that they were affiliated within the PAQ 24:1 footprint (United 4 Children).

Arlene Thomas

Children are our Future. The ability to enhance children’s education process in the afterschool programs has been very successful at Froebel. Through the exciting and supportive staff members, my experience has been very enjoyable. I received great professional development from United for Children, ASAP and Neighborhood Houses.