See how your contribution helped to make a difference in the lives of Jennifer, Jimmy, Marquise and Sam.

Did Jennifer ever find happiness?

child reaching for bookIt was not always easy for Jennifer.  Jennifer’s teacher noticed how upset Jennifer became and how much she struggled through her homework and hated to leave her friends.  Click here to see how United 4 Children helped Jennifer to build up her confident and her reading grade level.



Jimmy wanted to play outside with his friends but he needed your help! 

Disabled pupil smiling at camera in classroomJimmy was not always able to enjoy to the company of his friends because his school did not have safe access for him to get to the playground with his friends.  Click here to see how United 4 Children helped Jimmy’s teacher Ms. Yolanda receive funding to build a ramp to the playground.



Anger is No longer a Priority for Marquise

Toddler using fingers to countOut of anger, 5 year old Marquise would hit his teacher.  He would curse and spit.  Soon his teacher Ms. Simone was becoming very frustrated and did not know what to do.  Click here to see how United 4 Children helped the pair build a loving connection and help Marquise to deal with his anger to keep everyone safe.



Sam Is No Longer Playing Alone!

friendsSchool was not always something that Sam enjoyed doing.  Sam had problems communicating with his classmates when it came time to play.  Sam’s teacher Mr. Kevin reached out to United 4 Children. Click here to see how United 4 Children helped Sam to make friends and enjoy his school time.