Meet Sam


Sam did not enjoy going to school.  He would try to tell his class mates he wanted to play by taking their toys and playing with them.  This would make his friends mad and move away from him.  Sam used to become so upset that he would throw toys and scream at the other children.  Sam’s teacher, Mr. Kevin, reached out to United 4 Children to see how Sam could get the help he needed.  United 4 Children helped Mr. Kevin learn that Sam needed friendship skills and help on how to join in play with others.  United 4 Children staff went to Sam’s classroom and helped him learn how to ask to play, how to take turns with toys and how to talk to friends when you need something.  Mr. Kevin even started using songs and dances during circle time to help the whole class learn how to help take care of friends.  United 4 Children was able to help Sam be a friend and enjoy going to school.