Meet Marquise

Toddler using fingers to count

Five year old Marquise used to hit his teacher out of anger.  Marquise used to get mad at pre-school.  When he was mad he would say curse words and spit.  Each time his teacher, Ms. Simone, came over to Marquise to talk about his behavior Marquise would hit Ms. Simone.  Ms. Simone did not know what to do other then take Marquise to the Director.  Ms Simone was becoming frustrated being at work each day and Marquise was becoming more volatile in the classroom.  Then Ms. Simone found out about United 4 Children.  Ms. Simone and  her Director started going to classes at United 4 Children to learn about how to work through strong feelings.  Ms. Simone and her Director started realizing that as the adults they were responsible for helping the children feel safe and loved even when the child was hitting, spitting or cursing.  With the help of United 4 Children staff Ms. Simone was able to teach Marquise how to use breathing, hand lotion and bubbles to help  him calm down.  Ms. Simone now starts out every day with classroom yoga so all the children can work on breathing.  Marquise has a special greeting each morning from Ms. Simone so the pair can continue to build a loving connection.  Marquise still gets mad, but when he does he knows what to do to keep everyone safe!