Meet Jimmy

Disabled pupil smiling at camera in classroom

Jimmy is a bright child who enjoys playing at the after school program with his friends! His favorite things are learning about bugs and playing super hero but he always played those alone while his friends were outside.  Because Jimmy uses a wheel chair to move around he use to only be able to read bug books and play super hero with his figurines because his school did not have safe access for him to get to the playground with his friends.  Jimmy’s teacher, Ms. Yolanda noticed that Jimmy stopped reading the books and playing at all.  Ms. Yolanda started to worry about Jimmy and didn’t know how she could safely help him get outside with the other children.  Ms. Yolanda called United 4 Children for help.  When United 4 Children staff came to the school age program they found out about Ms. Yolanda’s concerns.  Ms. Yolanda was able to begin participating in a program to help her school be the best it could be.  She was able to learn how to be a better after school teacher and she was able to receive funds to help the school build Jimmy a ramp to the playground.  Now Jimmy is able to explore real bugs and play super hero with his friends!