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Dear Lovely;

Where would the Extended Day Program be without United 4 Children?  No martial arts, no arts and crafts, no chess, no staff training, no anything!  And now we have yet another reason to be grateful to United 4 Children.  Soon, our gym will be filled with kids zipping around on four wheels!  We will get many hours of enjoyment out of our new skates.

–Steffani Lautenschlager, Development Director

Hey Gina, I’m looking forward to day 3 and wanted to tell you how much I’ve gotten from the training so far.  Becky is a powerhouse and I got a lot from her on that day, I really, really liked Elisa’s different style and the way she made room for class discussions was particularly useful.  This week I’ve been changing up my toys, labeling shelves better (so it’s obvious what toy is missing when the shelf is empty), I’ve been having kids help more, helping my regularly bitten girl to recognize those moments that end in’s all been so positive.  You ladies are making such a difference, thank you!

–Sacha Mardou

Working with a child in the preschool setting can be challenging.  Some children have more trouble at certain times of day, often we find the time after lunch and before nap the most challenging time of day.  I began working with a child in a child care setting when she was having difficulties settling down for nap time.
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Regarding the SEEC MHB Project:

I would like to thank you immensely for all the help you have given Marcia and I on making our classroom a more enjoyable place not just for our children, but for ourselves as well. It’s funny, the children haven’t changed all that much but our change in how we react (with some prevention methods) has made all the difference in the world. Thank you for not only the materials you provided, but for the support as well. It’s difficult to get that kind of support in today’s classrooms, but we were blessed enough to have it and we couldn’t be more grateful. So thank you immensely and we actually hope to see you in our classroom again!

–Angela McCoo, teacher