Meet Jennifer

child reaching for book

Jennifer enjoyed going to her after school program to play and talk with her friends.  She did not like the homework part of the afternoon.  Jennifer hated to leave her friends and she was never able to finish her work before the end of the day.  Jennifer’s after school teacher, Ms. Ashton, noticed how upset Jennifer became and how much she struggled through her homework.  Ms. Ashton sat with Jennifer most days to help her with the work and she began to realize that Jennifer was struggling with reading her homework.  Ms. Ashton wondered how she could help Jennifer so she asked a United 4 Children consultant to help.  After observation and talking with Jennifer and her family the whole team decided to do two things; make reading fun and to connect with a literacy specialist.  The United 4 Children consultant walked the family through connecting to a literacy specialist to check in on Jennifer’s reading comprehension.  The United 4 Children consultant also helped Ms. Ashton come up with a way to connect Jennifer’s desire to talk and be with friends to reading.  The after school program decided to put on a play!  Jennifer was able to read by learning her lines, helping with building sets and designing costumes to match the script.  When the pressure was off, Jennifer started to learn more about reading and became confident in her skills.  Jennifer now is able to read on grade level, and she enjoys it!