Missouri Child Nutrition Services

Who is Eligible?

Licensed and registered child care home providers can join the program and receive child nutrition education, learn how to plan and serve nutritious meals and receive reimbursement for the meals they serve to children that meet USDA guidelines.

As a part of services offered through this program, a Child Nutrition Consultant conducts three on-site home visits per year.

You will:

  • Learn how to plan and serve low cost, nutritious meals
  • Receive reimbursement for meals and snacks you serve that meet USDA guidelines
  • Assure parents that children eat healthy meals while in your care

Child Care plays a central role in shaping the nutrition habits of children. Many children are in child care over eight hours each day and eat the majority of their meals in child care. By the age of 30 to 36 months, the foundation of eating behaviors has been formed.

CACFP can make sure that these nutrition habits are good ones.

Contact Christy at 314.531.1412, ext. 46 or 800.467.2322 or by e-mail at frazierc@united4children.org.

Visit the Missouri Child and Adult Care Food Program website.

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On-line Claiming Provider Procedures

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The Child and Adult Care Food Program and How It Works

What Would Batman Eat?

Recipes For Healthy Kids Cookbook For Homes

Selections from Nutrition and Wellness Tips for Young Children

United 4 Children Nutrition Handbook

Creditable Foods Guide



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