Golf Tournament 

Every year in July we hold our Annual Golf Tournament.  This is a day of golf, FUN and networking.  The funds raised from this event helps us to fight against youth violence, educational inequities, nutritional inadequacies, and child neglect and abuse.
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Quarter Auction16

February, 2017 

Our unique Annual Quarter is like no other.  This event is an Auction, Raffle and Party all wrapped into 1 with items starting at 25 cents.  This FUN event is focused on our Provider engagement, to also increase awareness of our programs, and friend-maker.  This event is held every year on the second Friday in January.  We would love to see you at our February 3, 2017 Annual Quarter Auction.
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Lighting the Way

Save the Date!  For our 11th Annual Lighting the Way At The Races, A Kentucky Style Derby Affair, Thursday, April 6, 2017 at Randall Gallery, 999 North Thirteenth Street, Saint Louis, Missouri 63106.
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